Polylaminate Capsules Offer the Support You Need

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Business

You are looking to bottle a new wine. Perhaps you are looking for a new way to help your existing product to stand out. Elevating the elegance and sophistication of your product is always a good idea. It helps create the perception of high quality, and that’s important in this industry. Even if your brand has a strong level of recognition, taking this step helps ensure that reputation is maintained. Polylaminate capsules are one of the options available to help you to do this.

What Are They?

Polylaminate capsules are made up of three layers. It includes an aluminum, polyethylene and a second aluminum makeup. This features a seamed skirt and aluminum top disc that is applied over the top of your product. There are many reasons to choose this type of protection. What is most important to know is that this is an excellent choice for a professional looking way of packaging your product. What most do not realize is that it is also a very cost-effective way of doing so. That means you can count on these capsules to really be an effective choice for you.

Capsules like this can also be hot stamped. This creates the professional branding that you may be looking for to bottle your product. There are many ways that you can make this special. Choose from the type of top artwork that fits your needs and your brand. You can also include a C-cut tab on them. This allows for easy removal of the product.

The polylaminate capsules available to you can really create a stunning look. And, this is a cost-effective solution that works for just about any need. For those who are looking for this solution, turn to an expert in the field that specializes in creating these products.

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