Points to Ponder When Purchasing a New Home Air Conditioner in Loveland, CO

by | May 13, 2016 | Air Conditioning

There’s no doubt that the old air conditioning unit will not make it through another summer. The only thing to do is start looking at options for a replacement. With the help of an expert, it’s possible to find the ideal Home Air Conditioner in Loveland CO and make sure it is ready for use before summer arrives. Here are a few basics to discuss before making a purchase.

Big Enough to Do the Job

Homes are different sizes, so expect to see air conditioners that are designed to efficiently cool different amounts of square footage. A smart move on the part of the homeowner is to have an expert take a second look at the amount of footage in the home. This is especially important if the current Home Air Conditioner in Loveland CO was in place when the house was purchased. It may hail from a time before the back porch was enclosed or before the spare bedroom was added to the structure. Starting with a clean slate will make it easier to focus on units that do have the power to control the indoor temperature properly.

A Superior Energy Rating

While checking out different units, the homeowner will notice that each of them carry an energy rating. The rating indicates how well the system does in terms of using energy efficiently. A superior rating means the unit will require less energy to keep a certain amount of square footage at a comfortable temperature. These units do cost more, but the savings on the monthly power bills will more than makeup for that price difference.

The Right Features

What type of features would make the unit more user-friendly for the homeowner? Perhaps a unit that can be operated using a remote control would be nice. Something that can be integrated into the home network means the owner would never have to wonder if the thermostat was reset before leaving on a business trip. An expert can go over the range of features offered today, explain how they work, and help the client decide if they would come in handy.

For help with selecting and installing a new unit, call the team at Poudre Valley Air today. In no time at all, the old system will be history and the new one will be ready for whatever summer brings.

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