Piola, a Treviso Pizzeria, Serves Authentic Italian Cuisine with Great Service

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Restaurant

At Piola, a pizzeria in the city of Treviso, you can enjoy the authentic Italian heritage of delivering tasty, simple food in a pleasant setting. It’s located in the historic district of Treviso and is known for its authentic Italian cuisine and friendly service. The idea for Piola came from the conviction that everyone can enjoy the simple, flavorful cuisine that is a hallmark of authentic Italian culture.

Piola has used its global brand model with local culture and heritage. Piola’s success in Italy proves his Italian roots’ authenticity. Customers nowadays want more than just good cuisine when they go out to eat. This Italian Pizza Restaurant in Davie FL delivers on all fronts (great food, perfect service, and a pleasant atmosphere).

Our Italian Food Restaurant in Doral FL maintains a worldwide clientele and only utilizes the freshest ingredients to create dough and sauces daily that are sure to wow. The dough is then baked to perfection in a brick oven, which will change the way you think about pizza. Additionally, they only use high-quality ingredients in their authentic Italian recipes.

The ingredients are grown by the family to ensure the highest quality. The recipes for gnocchi and pasta sauce have been passed down through the generations and are used daily in fresh, homemade forms. This Italian Pizza Restaurant in Davie FL is the place to be.

Since opening its doors in 1986, Piola has been responsible for bringing Italian-style pizza to the Treviso area with the same passion & detail that was present in the best Italian-style restaurants throughout Italy. From the simple mix of meat, vegetables, and cheese, to the perfect temperature of their oven, customers have something to love.

Piola serves clients with the same care & love that has made its way into the hands of so many. It blends the most authentic Italian heritage of simple and superb cuisine with exceptional service and ambiance for the demanding and contemporary consumer. Different people congregate at this Italian Food Restaurant in Doral, FL, because they know they can relax in an environment that strikes the ideal mix between comfort and elegance.

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