Physical and Psychological Effects of Heroin Abuse

by | May 16, 2018 | Healthcare

Heroin is a very powerful drug in the family of Opiates. Opiates do two things, they’re pain killers, and they can also provide a Euphoric feeling, or a High. After a person takes high doses of Opiates for a long period of time, the person can damage their brain. What happens is, the brain makes more Opiate Receptors. The more Opiates a person takes, the more Opiate receptors they make in their brains. That is how tolerance develops. The same dose of Opiates no longer does the same job, so the person must ratchet up the dose. Over a long time, the person ends up on dangerously high doses of Opiates, and then, if they don’t take them, they get sick with severe withdrawal symptoms.

Heroin decreases a person’s libido, or sex drive. Taking Heroin, or other strong Opiates, reduces one’s Testosterone level. A low Testosterone is associated with all sorts of problems, especially for men. These include low energy, apathy, weight gain and insomnia.

Problems with one’s bowels are common with Heroin users. Severe constipation can become a major issue. There are even prescription medications now, to treat Opiate Induced Constipation.

Heroin and other strong Opiates affect the brain in other ways. Opiates causes a person’s brain to become selfish. When that happens, the person may not fulfill important obligations, or manage important aspects of their lives in responsible, adaptive ways. When a person is hooked on Heroin, obtaining the next dose of Heroin is the main thing on their minds.

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