Pest-Proofing Crawl Spaces in Tacoma

If a new homeowner discovers their crawl space has been visited by insects or rodents, they will want to take the proper steps in sealing off the area so these pests do not continue to be a problem. Many people will call on a pest control service to tend to Crawl Spaces in Tacoma if there is an infestation inside. There are also some steps the owner can do to help alleviate the problem from continuing.

Adding a vapor barrier is one of the best ways to keep pests from getting into a crawl space. This is made from plastic or rubber membrane and is placed directly on the interior walls of the crawl space enclosure. This will also help keep the area dry. Since moisture is an attraction to pests, the area will be less at risk for an infestation as a result. The pests will also not be able to penetrate the barrier if they slide through a crack in the foundation wall.

Checking the exterior of the home is a big help in keeping pests on the outside. Any spots where there is a crack or crumbled portion of wall can be repaired appropriately to help keep pests from gaining entry to the home. Foundation cement or caulk can be used to fill in these voids. Larger areas of damage would need to be handled by a contracting service.

Consider digging a trench around the perimeter of the home’s foundation. Dig down several feet. Fill this in with concrete. This will add a barrier from the outside to help keep insects that burrow into the ground from gaining entry to the crawlspace from below.

If someone wishes to have a pest control service handle the removal of pests from their crawl space, they can contact a reliable service in their area. Most pest controls services have the means to deal with Crawl Spaces in Tacoma effectively. They will use pesticides to remove the insects or rodents from the area for good. They will also offer some recommendations on how to keep the crawl space from becoming a pest habitat again in the future.

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