Pest Control Companies in Puyallup WA Help Eliminate Bug Infestations on Residential Property

Homeowners call pest control companies in Puyallup WA to help them eradicate numerous types of insects and other bugs causing problems around the property. Beetles eat flowering plants, certain spiders are poisonous, and other bugs sting or bite. Pest invasions can be managed by skilled technicians trained to use methods targeted for each type of critter.

Natural Methods

Sometimes pest control companies in Puyallup WA can use natural methods without applying insecticides outdoors that harm a broad range of creatures. Depending on the situation, neem oil sprayed on plants can kill beetles and their grubs. In some cases, a blend of dish soap and alcohol is useful.

Bait Stations

Pest control technicians generally prefer not to do expansive spraying if possible, as otherwise beneficial insects could be harmed. Instead, they use strategies like setting out poisoned bait traps for ants that other critters can’t reach. The ants carry the substance back to their nests, which eliminates the problem.

Targeted Spraying

A large nest of stinging insects that has gone unnoticed for much of a season may need attention from a company such as Long Pest Control. Yellow jackets can build an enormous honeycomb under a deck or porch before anybody sees the flying creatures leaving or returning from between boards. It can be difficult for non-professionals to manage this situation safely.

Other types of targeted pesticide spraying may be necessary if the property owners have trouble with fruit tree infestations. For example, it can be difficult to grow a crop of apples that aren’t affected by maggots, grubs or caterpillars. Technicians can carefully spray the specific trees to prevent insecticide from indiscriminately blowing to other flowering trees that might have butterflies or bees on the blossoms.

Eradicating Biting Bugs

Biting bugs like fleas and bedbugs sometimes invade homes, causing ongoing distress for people in the household. The infestations can be difficult to destroy because of how long the bugs can stay dormant without food. The residents must be willing to vacuum the house daily and routinely launder every piece of fabric where bugs and their eggs might be hiding, or they will probably need professional pest control service.

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