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by | Aug 3, 2017 | Painting & Sandblasting

Whether it’s a bedroom, shed or exterior, you should consider hiring a professional to paint your house. A touch of color can go a long way, whether you just want a change in atmosphere or are looking at selling your property. Consider the benefits a fresh lick of paint might have in your home. There are wealth of painters in Indianapolis, IN for you to choose from.

Is There A Difference Between DIY And Hiring A Professional?

There are many reasons why you might consider DIY for your project, but there is a simpler solution. Flora Brothers Painting opened their painting company in 2011 and have gone from strength to strength. Their expertise might be what you need to spruce up your living spaces. So if you are looking for Painters in Indianapolis, IN, then start searching for painters in Indianapolis that you can know, like and trust.


Hiring a professional could save yourself hours that you can use going for coffee with friends, or spending time with your family. Or working hard. Painting can take a long time. There’s the preparation such as removing old paint and priming. This could take hours. That’s before you have even picked up your paint. How many coats of paint would it take for you to get that desired color? Imagine waiting for each coat of paint to dry, only to start over again? House painting shouldn’t be a chore. If you’re lucky enough to be in need of painters in Indianapolis, IN then follow the link at the bottom of this article for more information.


Think of how much equipment would you have to go out and buy. The brushes may not be that expensive. But consider the paint sheets, the turpentine, the paint itself can be very pricey. What makes this worse is having to source the materials yourself. Do you pick quality and then live with the risk of never using it again? Or do you go for frugal and risk having a shoddy paint job that you will only have to redo?


What if you spill some of your paint on your precious new carpet? Does your insurance cover accidental damage? If not that could be yet another expense that could be easily avoided.

The Solution

Lastly would you rather not have to worry about any of this at all? Just pick your color and get back to what you were doing. A professional painter could the solution for you.

What To Look For When Hiring A Contractor?

One of the biggest indicators of a job well done is their portfolio, failing that ask for testimonials. Browse their portfolio and their testimonials, or to arrange a quote, visit Flora Brothers Painting website for finding reliable painters in Indianapolis. Based close to Six Points off Route 40.

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