Options for Lighting up Your Machine or Work Shop

by | Oct 24, 2017 | LED, Lighting

Are you thinking about upgrading the lighting in your shop? Depending on how many machines you have and how large the facility is, you could have a number of options for this kind of project. For example, you may want to consider fluorescent overhead fixtures or maybe special LED machine lights. However, there are other options to consider too, so let’s look at some feasible lighting choices that can make your shop a better place to work in.

Overhead Lighting

Fluorescent fixtures have been the standard for many years. However, you may want to consider some LED-powered fixtures for the following reasons:
Fluorescent lights can flicker, and this can affect your lighting.

LED creates bright and efficient light
LED saves money on electricity
LED gives you instant on and instant off lights
LED offers a lot of dimming options
You’ll have fewer maintenance issues like burned out bulbs with LED
Track Lights

Track lighting lets you focus light in one area. In fact, they can be a good complement to LED machine lights. You can move your lights to suit your needs and when needs change, this is not a problem. Installing track lights is not difficult but you may need other overhead lighting options.

Under the Cabinet

Under cabinet, light is important for some areas. For example, if you have a work area with a vise and cabinets, you may need this kind of light.

LED Machine Lights

If you want to make sure your machinists can see what they’re doing, consider the benefits of machine lighting. You can choose LED or fluorescent lights, and they may be a good alternative to under cabinet lights too. To install, you only need a nearby electrical receptacle, and there is no need to remove wallboard or ceiling tiles.

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