Nutrition and supplements

by | Nov 16, 2011 | Health

Nutrition and supplements are a term that we all are familiar with. So then why is it so crucially essential? Well, due to the hectic work schedule in today’s world, many people do not get the required nutrition that their body needs. So hence they resort to various nutrition and supplements.

Simply put, nutrition and supplements are added to your diet to make up for the missing nutrition in your body. But you must be careful about the quantity and the manner in which you consume these nutrition supplements. newcomers commit the mistake of indiscriminately popping in their nutrition and supplements capsules and this shot-gun method approach results in lower absorption and utilization of these nutrients and minerals.

Some of the common nutrition and supplements mistakes committed are
1. Taking your fish oil supplements in the morning along with your breakfast. Breakfast foods being rich in fibre, creates problems in the absorption of fat by your body when mixed along with fish oil. Taking fish oil nutrition and supplements in the afternoon with snacks rich in fatty content such as avocados, crackers, olives can prove to be more effective.
2. Eating amino acids when you wish to achieve weight loss is a serious mistake committed by many. Branched Chain Amino Acids are recommended during and after your exercise. However, for those who wish to control their weight this is not a good ideas as these BCAA’s are often used as appetite stimulator among cancer patients.

Hence it is good to know consume nutrition and supplements in appropriate levels and in the right manner in order to live a healthy life.



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