Most Important Factor In X-Ray Fluorescence

We are the designers and manufacturers of X-ray Fluorescence XRF equipment to help determine the elemental composition of materials. Visit microxray.com and dicover more about XRF and how it helps in the world of chemical analysis.

We don’t design and manufacture equipment to see how you feel emotionally. However, we do produce equipment so others can see how your bones, brain, and muscles are doing. Learn more about us at micoxray.com.

Our rise to become a world-class X-ray tube manufacturer was not an accident. It took persistence, hard work, and a passion for the industry. This is the story of #Micro X-Ray Inc.

Our team of designers and manufacturers are prepared to take on your X-Ray tube challenges. They’re flexible and responsive to your needs so you can do the same for your customers. Discover how we do this at MicroXRay.com

X-ray Fluorescence XRF is one of our specialties at Micro X-Ray Inc. Our designers and manufacturers are responsive to your requests. In turn, you have greater power to determine the elemental composition of numerous materials.

The end result is the most important factor in imaging. That’s why we are determined to take on your X-Ray tube challenges. If we weren’t, then we wouldn’t be the world-class manufacturer we currently are.

At Micro X-Ray Inc. we don’t rely on focal spot standards to establish image quality. We let the image quality speak for itself. Learn how we do this today.

Visit MicroXRay.com. to discover what we do. Then, contact us for additional information, equipment needs, and price quotes.

Do you have a need for unique application requirements when it comes to your imaging hardware? We are here to fulfill those needs.

Our team of specialists who are ready to meet your needs. Contact us today for an inside look.

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