Misunderstandings About St. Paul Granite Counters

A beautiful granite countertop is a wonderful addition to any kitchen or bathroom. It doesn’t matter if the room is large or small, if it is a designer home or if it is an upgrade to an older home in St. Paul, the results will be amazing.

Of course, as with any type service, it will be important to use the best possible granite company for both quality selection of the slab as well as for installation of the finished granite counters. This is perhaps the single biggest consideration, so taking the time to learn about the different companies and compare their work and history will be essential.

There are also a few misunderstandings about granite counters that should be clarified before you make a choice. Some of these misunderstandings can result in poor overall wear of the countertops or in steering away from granite because of misinformation about the durability and easy maintenance of this countertop option.

Sealing is Important

Some companies will indicate that granite counters do not need to be sealed. While it is true that granite is less porous than marble, it will still absorb liquids on the surface without a sealant.

The sealant can be applied by the installer and will simply prevent erosion and staining of the surface. It can be applied in the future as needed to protect the natural beauty of the stone.

Granite Can Be Disinfected

Some people assume that granite cannot be disinfected as bleach and other types of typical kitchen cleaners are not recommended for the surface. In fact, there are specialized granite cleaners that do provide disinfecting to the surface that are very safe and easy to use.

In general, in most St. Paul homes, all the counters will need is a regular wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any debris on the surface and maintain the natural shine and luster.

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