Men’s Styling Products: A Guide

by | May 28, 2013 | Hair Salon

Men are paying far more attention to themselves than ever before. Many men are working out at the gym, getting manicures, dressing in designer clothes and generally, paying more attention to their looks. As men begin to fuss with themselves more, products such as high end hair gel for men has become more important.

Although hair gel is still a very important grooming tool, there are other products as well. Men’s hair-care products usually either product a fixative (dry hard) or pliable (dry soft) result.

Fixatives – An Overview

Gels – Tips & Tricks

Gels are a water-based products, available in a number of formulations that go from soft hold to stiff. These formulations are designed to give a gentlemen’s hair the “wet look.”

If you are going to use gel, buy the very best, the inexpensive product that you get at the discount drug store often breaks and flakes in the hair, and it just looks awful. Hair gel for men that is purchased in a good salon never has this problem, so it’s worth the higher price.

Gels range from soft to firm in their holding power, the key to selecting the right one is quite simple; the finer your hair, the lighter the hold. A heavy gel will tend to weigh down very light hair; of course the light hold gel on thick, heavy hair will not hold it down at all.

Gels have a “memory effect” after they have dried. A simple pass through with your comb will usually serve to maintain the shape, you can re-activate the gel with a light spray of water or simply wet your hands and draw the through your hair, this is a very important trick for when you’re out on the town.

Hair Sprays – It’s Uses

Hair sprays are used to lock the style in place; the same holds true for spray as it does for gel, use the lightest product for the type of your hair.

Hair spray comes in light, medium and firm holds. Use a light spray so that it does not weigh the hair down. There are some hairsprays that contain a sunscreen to protect your scalp.

The Pliables

Pomades – Shine & Styling

Pomades are either water or wax based and are used to add sheen to your hair as well as give it a pliable hold; the look after using it is wet and shiny, a good option for styling. Many types of pomade are a little too aggressive for very fine hair; they tend to make it limp and look greasy.

To apply pomade, put a little in the palm of one hand, rub your hands together until they warm up, and then work the pomade through still damp hair.


A wax is similar to pomade but much more aggressive. Waxes are ideal for putting a shine in your hair and control short hair nicely. The wax is applied in the same manner as pomade, these products are not as popular in today’s age but you never know when they will make a come back

There you have it guys, a complete guide to styling your hair, the ladies don’t stand a chance.

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