Medical Injection Molding: The Challenges Of Miniaturization

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Medical Equipment

Plastic molding addresses the demands of several different industries. Depending upon the method and the specifications, companies may produce everything from large automotive components to small mechanical gears. Increasingly the industry has been facing a challenge. For those who specialize in medical injection molding, the move has been increasingly towards miniaturization.


Medical devices, including surgical tools, are increasingly becoming smaller. They demand sizes into the tenths of a millimeter. These instruments are also finer and lighter. Miniaturization in implants and orthopedic devices is also a growing trend. They all increase the need for plastic injection molding, but they also challenge the capabilities of these companies. Whether the request is for a specific component to improve drug delivery or to abet someone in improving their mobility, injection molding companies need to adapt and improve their company’s capabilities.

Challenges for Medical Injection Molding Companies

Medical injection molding always requires the process and results achieve certain standards. Clean room work is always demanding on production. It requires separate facilities that follow specific operational guidelines. Certain rigid requirements have to be met before the facility can produce the desired medical instrumentation components.

Modern molding equipment is also working hard to keep pace with the alterations. Yet, even with the latest technology, including 3D capabilities, operators need to calibrate, adjust and even modify the equipment to achieve the right results. They need to be aware of the intended end use of the component. It is also essential they work with the manufacturing company to obtain the exact specifications.

Whenever possible, the molding company prefers to be in on the process from the design phase to the development of the prototype to production. This allows the molding firms to have a firm grasp on every aspect of part production. For some companies, specialization in the production of certain medical injection molding parts is the best way to address the challenges successfully.

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