Looking Into Asphalt Paving In Houston, TX

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Asphalt Contractor

A key feature of a new home is the driveway. Driveways are made in many designs and out of different materials. Gravel is a choice of many, especially in rural areas. Gravel is inexpensive and does not require additional construction. However, the downside is the ease of slipping in gravel. Catch a heel in the gravel and it is hard to catch your balance. In addition, gravel flies if someone drives too fast on it. Flying rocks can chip the paint on a car.

Asphalt and concrete are other paving choices. Call a company that provides Asphalt Paving Houston TX for an estimate. Likewise, get an estimate for concrete. Asphalt is a derivative of crude oil, so the price varies with oil prices. On the other hand, concrete is a mixture of cement and rocks. Whatever choice is made, site preparation is necessary. The contractor usually digs up about a foot of dirt. The area is smoothed and then rock is added. Next, the base layer goes on about two inches thick. Experts say anything less will not support a car. Finally, the top layer goes on, and it should be about one-and-a-half inches thick.

One of the considerations in choosing asphalt is how long the homeowner stays in the house. A sealant is applied to the driveway about six weeks after pouring. Further, more sealant is added every three years. A sealant is placed over concrete after pouring, and the process is finished. Another factor is climate. Asphalt tends to work better in colder climates. The material holds heat and snow will melt quicker. On the other hand, ice tends to form quickly on concrete.

Tar chips are another choice for Asphalt Paving Houston TX. Tar chips are rocks mixed with hot liquid asphalt. The mixture can be poured on a dirt driveway or other blacktop surface. A heavy machine rolls over the mixture, and it melds together. A tar chip driveway looks like gravel. However, the rocks do not fly around. Whatever material is used, just make sure the contractor handles the job properly. A driveway can last for up to twenty years. For more info, visit the website

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