Looking for Window Film Installation in Colorado Springs?

by | May 25, 2016 | Window Tinting

Generally, film for windows is combination of plastic and some form of adhesive. It is used for both residential and commercial purposes. There is also a special option used for the automotive industry. The film comes in numerous styles, and is used in a variety of functions. Limiting sunlight is one function, and helping prevent furniture fading is another example. If you are looking for installation of window film, Colorado Springs is a place where you will find some options.

How Window Film Works
One of the main functions of window film is to control solar radiation. Radiation is divided into three elements: visible light, which we see; infrared light that registers as heat, and ultraviolet rays. Film works to block out harmful UV rays and regulate heat. Heat of course is blocked on different levels, depending on the type of film used.

Window Film as a Stylish Alternative
Installers offer the film in numerous styles, which can improve an auto’s looks, while also helping retain a vehicle’s privacy.

Types of Film
Types of film include non-reflective dyed, metalized, and nano/ceramic films. Applications include energy absorption, solar energy reflection, and high-tech compounds to provide high performance.

Film has to be properly, and carefully installed. Otherwise, small bubble pockets can form beyond the norm. It is also common to see a slight haziness. This is part of a process known as curing. Most are unaware, but it can take up to 30 days for the curing process to mature. This also depends on the weather and type of film. The curing process takes its time because moisture can only evaporate through the film.

Cleaning Film
Film can only be cleaned once it has fully dried. It is recommended to use water and a small amount of soap. Windows should be squeegeed dry with strokes that overlap. Film can also be cleaned with a normal strength class cleaner. Ammonia products will not likely damage the film. Just be careful not to use large amounts of ammonia. Abrasive cleaners should never be used for the obvious reasons. They can tear the film.

Make sure to check with state laws with respect to how much window tint is allowed for vehicles. A reputable installer should be familiar with all the state laws.

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