Look for a Diagnostic Imaging Center St Paul MN that Offers Open MRI’s

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Health

Being a doctor in the St. Paul Minneapolis area will mean that there will come times when certain medical conditions require the use of diagnostic imaging. Whether your patient will need a CAT scan, x-rays or MRIs, a Diagnostic Imaging Center St. Paul MN will be something that you as a doctor will refer your patients to often. If youre a patient in need of diagnostic imaging in the St. Paul area, you may want to look for a facility that offers different types of diagnostic imaging, most notably an open MRI.

The different between a standard MRI and an Open MRI St Paul MN is that the open MRI offers a way to use a diagnostic imaging technique on a wide variety of different people. If you ever had an MRI performed on you before, you know that you have to go into a tube like machine and lay still for extended periods of time while the imaging is performed. This can be very difficult on people who suffer from claustrophobia. In fact, people who suffer from this disorder may find it virtually impossible to have a necessary MRI performed. With an open MRI, there is no tube like structure that can trigger their claustrophobia.

Other people who benefit from an open MRI are people who are too obese to fit into the standard tube like MRI. Many times, people who are too large to fit into these machines cant have the necessary medical assessment that they need to diagnose and ultimately to treat their condition. An open MRI, like what you’ll find at a Diagnostic Imaging Center St Paul MN offers a convenient way to have an MRI performed.

However, perhaps the demographics that has benefited the most from an open MRI are children. Often times, especially for smaller children, standard MRI machines can be very scary. An open MRI can be a bit more comforting to a child.

Whether youre a patient in need of an MRI or whether youre a doctor referring your patient to a Diagnostic Imaging Center St. Paul MN, looking for a facility that offers an open MRI option is a good idea. Whether youre claustrophobic, too large to fit into a standard machine or whether its a child who needs the MRI, and open MRI offers the best way to get the right imaging done conveniently.

To learn more about why you need to consider the diagnostic imaging center in St Paul MN that offers open MRI, visit SumaMRI.com.


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