Learn How Easy It Is to Level Your Lawn

by | Mar 15, 2024 | Home Improvement

When you are putting something like a swing set in your yard, you need the ground to be level. This makes the playset look nice and keeps your children safe. Unfortunately, not many people have perfectly level lawns to work with. That leaves many homeowners asking “How do you level the ground?

Dig Out the Space

You can always dig out a level space under the swing set. Measure and mark an area with stakes and string that provides ample room for the playset. Dig down a couple of inches. Level the new surface you’ve created by raking the exposed ground. Use a level tool to ensure it’s even. This new surface can be covered in rubber mulch before building the swing set.

Level Your Lawn

To level an existing lawn, dig up the grass in any sunken areas. Fill these areas and any holes in with a mixture of topsoil, compost, and sand. The sand doesn’t compress as easily as topsoil, and the compost provides nutrients for the grass seed you’ll plant over these areas.

Use Leveling Kits

There are lots available that will help you level the legs of your playset. These kits use rubber blocks and leveling rebar stakes to raise the legs so that they’re all at the same height.

If you have been wondering how do you level the ground under your child’s playset, any of these techniques will work. To avoid extensive labor, visit LevelDry at leveldry.com to learn more about leveling kits.

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