Landscaping Uses for Gravel and Sand Products in Port Orchard WA

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Health

When people think of landscaping products it is often bushes, grass and flowers which come to mind. But none of these accessories would be any use without the foundations beneath them which allow them to grow, provide drainage and protect the yard. Gravel and Sand Products in Port Orchard WA are what is really to thank for a lush and attractive landscape. Here are a few ways the best tended yards use these products.

French Drains and Ditches

Diverting water away from structures and low-lying areas of the yard helps to keep important features from eroding or becoming damaged. This is accomplished with the installation of French drains and drainage ditches. These ditches are typically filled with compacted sand and gravel to allow water to filter through without becoming clogged and flooded. These products also make the ditch an attractive feature rather than a muddy mess.

A Level Surface for Features

Your fire pit, barbecue and even your patio itself would not be as solid, level or reliable without the layer of sand or gravel beneath them. Sand and gravel help to provide a durable base and can be added during the building stage as needed to make and keep everything entirely level. They are also able to move with the earth as it freezes and thaws in winter and spring without cracking, unlike some other products like concrete.

Create a Unique Design

A Japanese Zen Garden, your very own private beach or a gravel walkway around your gardens are all examples of how sand and gravel can be utilized to create interesting features to customize your yard. These are also all examples of features which can be very affordable and easy to maintain. For homeowners who want to reduce the amount of grass they need to water or mow, these types of features can be the perfect way to reach this goal.

Before you purchase any gravel or Sand Products in Port Orchard WA, make certain you are shopping from a company who understands the products. This way you can be certain to get the right sand or gravel for each of your projects.

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