Lack of Sleep and Sickness

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Studies have shown that inadequate amounts of sleep can lead to a weakened immune system. With lower immunity comes sickness and poor overall health. If you continuously suffer from chronic illness or pain, you should look into your sleeping habits and figure out if you are getting enough sleep. Taking steps such as buying a comfortable mattress in Hattiesburg, MS can help you attain a better night’s rest and increase your level of health.

What Happens During Sleep?

When you sleep, your immune system is working overtime to help you stay in slumber. Releasing certain proteins that aid your sleep, sleep deficiency can decrease the number of proteins that are available while in slumber. If you are under stress or sickness, the proteins need to increase to help you combat the illness. With less sleep, you are working with far less protein numbers and this creates an inability to properly fight against the sicknesses that are trying to attack your body.

How to Combat Sickness

In addition to medicines and other medical intervention, a proven way to keep sickness at bay is to increase your sleeping time. If you are sick, your body is craving that time to heal appropriately. Increasing sleep has been shown to increase your resistance to illness and promotes self-healing. Your body recharging itself adequately at the end of the day can help stave off and get rid of any lingering sickness such as colds or infections.

Make sure you are getting adequate amounts of sleep by creating your own bedtime routine that can effectively get you in deep sleep. Make sure you are only sleeping in a room designated for sleep. The room should have a sturdy mattress and a calming and soothing environment. Listen to your body for cues that it needs rest and you will be well on your way to claiming that healthier body you deserve.

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