Keeping Your Property Beautiful with Lawn Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Lawn & Garden

Weather events can have a harsh effect on the grass around homes and businesses. Fortunately, there are companies that provide sturdy solutions to this problem. A proper mix of grass types can provide a sturdy lawn that can stand up to traffic, sunlight, and even drought. This can create a beautiful lawn that provides an attractive lawn for any type of weather. The right Lawn Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA provides the necessary care to keep this turf healthy and strong throughout the years.

Proper Watering

To ensure the new sod takes hold on property, proper watering is vital. It is important to find a Lawn Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA to provide the right watering for the new sod. The sod should be well watered after the first installation. Rolling back the sod can help identify if the sod has gotten enough water to ensure it takes hold. The water should be coming through the sod to the soil below. When the ground underneath the sod is completely saturated, it has enough water.

Pest Control

After the new sod has taken hold, it is important to begin a pest control process to help keep the lawn healthy. There are pests that can live in the grass and create discomfort for family and pets when they enter the yard. There are also pests that can cause damage to the lawn. A proper lawn care company can provide services to help rid the lawn of any pests. They also provide options to repel pests from the lawn throughout the year.


Another important part of ensuring the new sod grows and thrives in its new location is to provide the proper fertilization at the right time. There are a variety of companies that can provide services throughout the year for lawns. They offer specific types of fertilizing treatments for each season to provide the grass with the exact nutrients it needs to make it through.

New sod options are a great way to create a beautiful lawn that is comfortable and attractive for any home or business. Premier Turf Farms provides various options and services to have a new lawn installed in a home. Their professional team can ensure the best quality sod to meet the needs of the property owner. They also offer tips on how to maintain the sod after installation to keep it beautiful year after year.

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