Keeping Skin Irritation at Bay by Using Foaming Cleansers

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Health

If the affected area of the skin is predominately on open area of the skin, then the person will not experience significant amounts of pain. However, if radiation dermatitis occurs near the folds of the skin, then the pain can seem pretty intense. Topical soothing lotion can be used for these people to give them relief, so they can move about freely without experiencing pain.

Caring for Skin Exposed to Radiation

If skin conditions occur as a result of radiation treatments, then it is important to keep the area clean to prevent infection from setting in. A person’s immune system is very poor when they are being treated for cancer, so a minor infection could turn into a major catastrophe for the patient if it is not treated properly right away. The radiation therapy that is given uses incredible amounts of energy in order to kill the cancer cells. While the goal is to preserve the healthy cells, the immune system is still compromised throughout the whole radiation treatment process. This is why it is extremely important to treat all conditions immediately, and to notify your physician if you are experiencing any conditions or difficulties.

Gentle Foaming Cleansers for the Best Results

A foaming cleanser can be used to reduce the irritation of the skin that is predominately caused by cancer treatments. These cleansers are specifically designed with these patients in mind, and they are completely gentle to sooth and calm, as well as clean the affected area. These cleaners are completely pH balanced, and they do not contain alkaline. This means that the level of pH is very similar to the pH of the skin, so that the skins barrier will not be harmed in any way. Protecting the skin during radiation treatments is paramount, because the last thing a cancer patient needs is a major skin infection.

Antibacterial Products are Essential for Cancer Patients

Foaming cleansers will clean the skin thoroughly without causing it to dry out or itch. They are formulated to hydrate the skin, and they contain anti-bacterial compounds as well, which is important for any cancer patient. These cleansers also have sodium PCA and glycerin, which is beneficial to help with skin irritation problems. The substance is extremely foamy and smooth, just like you would expect to see with foaming shaving gel. Just because a person’s radiation treatments end, it does not mean that they should stop using the product. They should continue to use it until their skin is completely cleared up. The treatments can leave skin effects that will last a few weeks beyond the last treatment date, so it will be crucial to keep the skin healthy during this time period.

DermaRad Relief is a product in a line of brands that deal with skin effects cause by cancer radiation therapy. The product line includes foaming cleanser, lotions and a host of moisturizing products.

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