Jig Grinding And Grinders

A grinder is defined as a machine that can reshape certain materials. In general, the material is metal, but items composed of plastic can also be ground using appropriate grinding machines. Grinders come in different sizes, shapes and types. There are centerless grinders as well as Blanchard grinding machines. Yet, when it comes to work pieces requiring a certain degree of complexity, companies will often turn to jig grinding machines.

What Is a Jig Grinding Machine or Grinder?

Like most forms of grinders, jig grinding machines involve a wheel and a spindle. These operate at very high speeds to achieve their purpose. This type of machine tool employs a spindle that is both air-driven and removable. This is the part of the machinery that turns or rotates the bits or wheels. The spindle in use by a company may be fixed or adjustable. The choice will depend upon the make, model of the jig grinder as well as the intended purpose.

The wheels are another important component of a jig grinder. They rotate and play a significant role in providing the grinding force. Grinding wheels are generally constructed of durable material meant to withstand forces that would wear them down quickly while performing their tasks. The wheel and spindle work together with the often overlooked work table to provide the right feed and flexibility required to ensure the jig grinding machine fulfills its purpose with accuracy and speed.

What Is the Purpose of Jig Grinding?

While some machines such as a Blanchard grinder may be used to remove large pieces off components, jig grinding machines are employed for a different task. They are used to accurately grind holes and complex shapes. The holes may be either small or large bore. Jig grinders may also come into play with the manufacturing of tapers and corner quadrants.

Applications of this type of grinding are increasingly in demand by a variety of industries including:

 * Aerospace
 * Automotive
 * Medical device
 * Electronics

This function is not the only distinguishing feature of jig grinders. While many grinding machines are considered less than completely accurate, this is not the case of jig grinding machines. They are known for their preciseness. Their holes, surface finishes and contours are highly accurate with tolerances that can be less than .0001″.

Jig Grinding

Today jig grinding machines are employed in the process of grinding and finishing increasingly complex holes and shapes. They are called on when the work piece requires higher accuracy than could be accomplished by other grinders. In the world of grinders, this makes jig grinding machines very unique.

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