Is It Time to Choose a Monochrome Design Scheme for Your Home?

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Interior Designer

If you are ready to redesign a room in your home, one of the first calls you are going have to make is the color. In some cases, this can be the most difficult decision of all. However, using a single color palette for your residential interior design has its benefits. Once you read the information here, you will be more eager to embrace the monochrome look.

Why Choose Monochrome?

Monochrome helps to create harmony because it is basically just a single color. When you select a monochromatic palette, you have the unifying room for the entire design from the very beginning. If you still believe that good residential interior design requires multiple colors, you need to expand your mind. Even though brighter colors can create a burst of energy, earth tones can help you feel more grounded. When you stick to a single color palette, you can create a restful and soothing environment.

Rocking a Monochromatic Design in Your Home

For some, the phrase “monochromatic design” may still be a bit worrisome. It doesn’t mean you are going to create a space where the furnishings blend into the wall and where all the elements are the exact same shade. The fact is, monochromatic interior designs offer much more than just one, single shade.

Since the shades may start to blend together when you chose a monochrome design, using pattern and texture is the best way to add a bit of visual interest. In most cases, using too many patterns are a no-no for residential interior design plans, when you are using a monochrome palette you can allow your mixing and matching skills go crazy. When you utilize a monochrome color scheme, the unique look you can achieve for your home and room will be impressive.

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