Is It Better to Rent or Buy All of the Plants for Your Miami Office?

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Plants

Having green plants around the office gives it a warm and welcoming feel. This is exactly how you want to greet your clients as they enter. When it comes to indoor plants in Miami you have two choices. You can buy your own plants or rent them from a plant service company.

A Better Value

When you buy your own plants, you need to invest in pots and containers for them and any fertilizers that they need too. By taking advantage of an indoor plant service in Miami, you’re eliminating these hassles. Your service company will provide everything you need. If the plants don’t survive, they’ll replace them for you.

Professional Design

On your own, you have to try to figure out which plants belong where. A service company will choose the best plants for your lighting and ventilation and help you find the perfect spot for them to sit. You’ll end up with indoor plants in Miami that make your office look stunning.

Low Maintenance

Instead of caring for and fussing over the plants you buy, let a service company you rent from do the work. They can fertilize them, re-pot them when needed, and do all of the necessary pruning for you.

Once you carefully weigh all of your options, it’ll be easy to see how an indoor plant service in Miami can save you a lot of headaches when it comes to adding greenery to your workspace. Visit Tropical Plant Leasing at for more information.

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