Is Gas, Oil Or Electric A Good Power Source For Refurbished Aga Cookers?

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Home Improvement

An Aga oven could last a lifetime if you maintain it properly. Even if you decide to go down the route of buying refurbished Aga cookers rather than new appliances, you can feel confident that the cooker will perform well, due to the fact it will have been refurbished with tried-and-tested parts and components. Anyone can perfect a range of cooking skills with these ovens and so good are they at what they do that even professional chefs, like Jamie Oliver, favour them over other brands. You will have the opportunity to choose from a rainbow of colours when you go Aga hunting. You will also be presented with a number of power sources. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each to ease the buying process.

The Benefits of Gas Cookers

Do you want to cook with an accurate temperature that remains consistent throughout the entire time you spend using refurbished Aga cookers? If so, gas powered appliances could be suitable for you. Heat will be distributed evenly by gas cookers, which tend to have low heat emissions and will still be suitable for use when the power goes out. Should you be in a rush to cook, you can feel satisfied that gas cookers will provide immediate heat. There will be no need to keep adjusting the temperature with this kind of Aga, thanks to the even heat distribution.

The Benefits of Oil Cookers

There are a multitude of benefits linked with using refurbished Aga cookers that run on oil. Efficient heating for the home is guaranteed, so you can think of the oven as more than just a cooking appliance. Oil cookers will also have a continuously burning source and most commonly, it is the two-oven models that will reply on diesel, propane gas or kerosene to function properly.

The Benefits of Electric Cookers

Refurbished Aga cookers that are designed with new electric parts can use radiant heat to not only cook food but also, to change the temperature of already-cooked food. Expect the electric models to use approximately 220 kWh per week, but this will depend on how frequently you are using the oven and how many electric ovens the Aga features. Remember that now there are five-oven options available. The good thing about electric ovens is that they can be programmed to work at a time that suits you, so you need not worry about leaving them running when not in use.

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