Insuring Your Teenager: What You Should Know

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Insurance

The number one cause of death among teenagers is motor vehicle accidents. Your annual Illinois vehicle car insurance may increase on average $671 or 78% percent when you add your teenager to your family car insurance policy. Statistics show that premiums for male teenagers tend to be higher because they have more crashes and file more insurance claims. Let’s look at how we can trim the cost of insuring your teenager while keeping them safe.

Tips to Decrease the Cost of Teen Insurance Premiums

Auto insurance discounts that apply to teenagers:

  • Enroll your teenage driver into a driver’s education class to obtain the driver training class discount
  • Encourage your teenage driver to get good grades in school to qualify for the good student discount
  • Buy your teenager a car that is older and larger to reduce the cost of insuring the vehicle
  • Stress the importance of maintaining a clean driving record

Tips to Keep your Teenage Driver Safe

  • Enforce Illinois Nighttime Driving Restrictions to minimize the amount of time they drive at night
  • Limit the number of teenage passengers riding in the car to one to reduce distractions
  • If you are buying your teen a car, choose a large older car that offer more protection
  • Stress the importance of using the seat belt
  • Insist that the teenager refrain from talking and texting on their cell phone while driving
  • Inform your teenager about the consequences of drinking and driving

Illinois Vehicle Auto Insurance should be obtained for your teenager once they have their driver’s license.

Accurate Auto Insurance has been insuring teenagers and their parents since 1992. They can tell you if you should add your teenager to the family auto insurance policy or obtain a separate policy for your teen.

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