Inpatient or Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs: Which is Better for You?

by | Mar 12, 2012 | Healthcare Systems

Searching for the best Florida alcohol treatment program can be a daunting task for those suffering from alcoholism and their loved ones. As your search begins, you will need to select one option: either an intensive outpatient program or an inpatient alcohol treatment program. This decision is not as simple as choosing where you want to stay overnight as you undergo treatment; an intensive outpatient program, also known as IOP, and an inpatient program will offer significantly different options.

Inpatient alcohol treatment programs provide room and board at their facilities in addition to on-site medical detox, comprehensive therapy, and other medical treatments. This type of alcohol treatment program surrounds the patient with support on all angles. Therapy is individualized, based on the individual’s unique circumstances. Many patients suffering from alcoholism choose inpatient alcohol treatment programs in Florida simply because it allows them to separate themselves from external stimuli which can inhibit recovery. Such stimuli may include demanding family members or stressful home situations or work. Furthermore, the accessibility to alcohol is removed. Removal from the stimuli and the access to alcohol allows the patient to pursue recovery without facing potential road blocks. Family and work and physical access to alcohol are often triggers which may lead to relapse. Participation in a residential Florida alcohol treatment program eliminates these triggers as the patient recovers.

An intensive outpatient program does not provide the protective bubble away from external stimuli that could trigger relapse. Despite this, however, there remain a number of benefits to participation in an intensive outpatient program. Generally, individuals who select IOP do so for the flexibility. Many patients have responsibilities that need to be addressed, such as work or child care, and do not have the time or resources to devote to inpatient alcohol treatment programs. Intensive outpatient programs allow the patient to maintain work part time, provide child care, and take care of other commitments at home that are necessary. Outpatient therapy is more limited than inpatient therapy, but it does provide benefits, such as group therapy, support groups, individualized therapy, and medical, alternative, or holistic treatment for alcoholism.

Determining which Florida alcohol treatment program is best for you or a loved one depends heavily upon individual circumstances. If you happen to be physically dependent on alcohol (for example, if you experience symptoms of withdrawal when you stop drinking), then you will need to investigate the need for detox and bear in mind that an intensive outpatient program will probably not be effective in treating your addiction. It is highly recommended that if you experience these circumstances that you undergo an inpatient alcohol treatment program which will separate you from both external stimuli, as well as access to alcohol.

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