Ink Cartridge Refill Options

by | May 3, 2017 | Printing

There are options when looking into refilling your ink cartridge. First, you must decide if you want to take the task on yourself, or pay to have the service done.  Both options are quick ways to replenish your ink without spending a significant amount of money purchasing a new one. If you ultimately decide to refill your cartridge, you can choose one of the options below when doing so.  Note that you can generally choose to refill up to five times before you have to buy a new cartridge. Printer quality output will be comparable to a new cartridge.

Manual Refill

Refilling your printer cartridge yourself is a cost-effective way to prolong the use of your ink unit. Inexpensive kits are sold online and in stores and have become a convenient way to replenish your ink quickly and efficiently.

Upon reading the instructions, heed caution when refilling the ink as it can become very messy if you should mistakenly spill or overfill. However, if done right, the process should only take minutes and you can continue printing and working once reinstalled in your printer.

Refill Service

Taking your empty cartridge to a retailer is also an option when looking for an inexpensive refill alternative. Many office supply stores offer refill services that can be completed in minimal time. You simply drop off your cartridge and they will examine and determine if it can be refilled. If it can, they usually promise a set wait time.

The wait is probably the biggest disadvantage to using this alternative as you have to wait usually an hour or so before they can refill your cartridge. In the end though, you have peace of mind that a printer and ink professional refilled the cartridge for you and it has been done with care and without error.

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