Initial Turf Care in Ashburn VA

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Landscaping

Using fresh and healthy sod can provide an instant lawn, business entrance, or sports field. It is also perishable and can be damaged easily. Temperatures over 70 degrees, for example, can permanently ruin fresh turf if it is not watered properly. Once installed, the initial Turf Care in Ashburn VA has to be precise to avoid problems.

The Right Turf

Selecting the right turf for the environment is a component of care and maintenance. A tall fescue blend is the most popular type of sod because it is thick and lush. It is also a bit more resilient and can withstand direct sunlight. Fine fescue is perfect for heavily shaded areas. It can stand up to the sun but thrives in the shade.

When ordering sod, customers will want to find a company that provides State Certified Sod for excellent quality. What certification means is that a professional third party has verified the sod as top quality. Criteria include consistency, the level of weed containment, and the color of the grass.

How Much Water is Enough?

Those using sod for the first time may have difficulty realizing when the turf has been properly watered. Until the sod has taken root, owners can roll back the sheets to look underneath the area. At first, there will be random spots of water where it is getting through the sod. When the ground is saturated completely, watering is finished for that day.

Be sure to ask any questions when the sod is delivered or when you pick it up to ensure proper Turf Care in Ashburn VA. It is important to realize that turf will not be replaced free of charge if it is damaged due to neglect. Resource links are provided online for owners to learn more about turf care and maintenance. Customers can Browse our websites for detailed information.

Some companies will have sod that is cut and rolled for customers to purchase on the spot. A company that requires ordering sod ahead of time will be one that cuts it to order for maximum freshness. The standard for rolls of sod is two feet by five feet, which adds up to ten square feet.

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