If you have Determination, this is the Career Path for You

A legal assistant is a qualified, competent person who performs many of the same things a lawyer does.  You can become certified by completing a legal assistant certificate program.  This qualification will make your resume look even better!  If you believe that being a legal assistant is what you want to do, besides taking an accredited course, apply for and obtain an entry level job at a law firm.  First, this will get your foot in the door and second it will give you a chance to prove your worth.

What you may be required to do
You will be helping lawyers with tasks that they do not have the time to finish particularly in a deadline situation.  Generally lawyers will need your assistance with time consuming paperwork, phone calls, client/witness interviews, and a multitude of details that go into putting a case together from start to finish.  You may even be needed to assist in court rooms to keep exhibits, etc. in proper order.

Being Detail Oriented in a Must
85% of your job will be paperwork and your editing skills and attention to detail needs to be on an excellent level.  There are time that you may find this tedious due to the fact that you will need to learn and understand the different legal terms and types of proceedings.  Every once in a while though there will be a case that intrigues and excites you and those days will make everything worthwhile.  In the end, a legal assistant needs determination, and to be persistent, patient and hard-working above all else.

Think this is for you?
You think you would enjoy the challenge of meeting deadlines, maintaining contact with clients, preparing exhibits for proceedings and more.  If so, then taking a course and starting a career as a legal assistant will be perfect for you.  Blackstone Career Institute offers courses in which you can gain your accreditation.

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