How to Turn Your Jeep into an Intimidating Road Warrior Vehicle

If you have ever seen the Mad Max movies, then you have seen some crazy and intimidating road warrior vehicles. The thing is, those vehicles aren’t as futuristic as you might think. If you have a Jeep, you can just as easily alter it into an intimidating road warrior vehicle now as opposed to waiting a hundred years for a dystopian society to take over. Here’s how.

Lift and Suspension Lift Kits

There are two kinds of lift kits. A Jeep Gladiator lift kit generally lifts the body of the vehicle up off the tires and leaves the suspension and tires right where they are. The result is a high ride in the air that doesn’t affect the overall smoothness of your ride.

The suspension lift kits lift the suspension of your Jeep higher. The purpose of this is to reduce the overall shock of super-rough terrain if you are taking your vehicle over dirt roads or areas where there are no roads to begin with. It doesn’t do much to elevate the body of the vehicle, but it does change how and where you drive your road warrior machine.

Installing One or Both Types of Kits on Your Jeep

You can choose to install one or both types of kits on your Jeep. Most people prefer the Jeep Gladiator lift kit just for the elevation in driving position and view, although being able to drive more off-road terrain is cool too. If you opt to do both, make sure your mechanic knows how to install these aftermarket kits properly.

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