How to Increase the Number of Patient Claims That Are Paid

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Healthcare

Working in a doctor’s office of any kind can have its challenges, one of those being in the billing department. Even after sending medical bills to patients, it can be difficult to receive the reimbursement for services that have been provided. Fortunately, below are a few tips pertaining to medical coding and billing that can yield more results.

Informing Patients

Patients need to understand the collections process. They need to know how much money that needs to be paid when they arrive at the office whether they have insurance coverage or not. Offer documents that patients need to sign so that they understand what is expected regarding payments. Discuss the details of the documents with patients who might not be able to read and comprehend the information on their own.

Check Errors

When medical bills are completed, they need to be free of errors as many insurance companies will deny the payment made to the office if there are issues with the clarity of the bill. Before submitting the medical coding and billing paperwork to an insurance company, you need to doublecheck all of the details that are included to ensure that everything from the patient’s name to the exact procedure performed are properly listed. Another detail that you need to make sure is correct is the proper code for each service. There are some codes that are related to multiple procedures, but if all of them weren’t performed in the office, then you don’t need to include the overall code and instead should only highlight the individual procedures.

Denial and Rejection

If there are any claims denied, they need to be handled as soon as possible. A claim that has been denied has often been reviewed and won’t be covered by the insurance company. However, a rejected claim is one that has errors that need to be corrected before the insurance company will submit payment. These are details to keep in mind when correcting errors that are listed and when documents are submitted.

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