How to improve your security guard service

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Business

If your business is such that you feel it is important to hire security guards to watch over it then needless to say you want the guards to be the best there is. If your guard service is not performing as you think it should there are steps that you can take to improve it.

  • Guard supervision: Once you have hired a security guard company the problem of security becomes theirs, not yours. Hiring security guard companies in Atlanta that have defined systems in place to remotely supervise the duty guard is perhaps the most important issue when it comes to providing acceptable service. If the security guard company does not supervise their employees they will not be motivated to do a good job. Unsupervised guards quickly get the impression that their job really is not all that important, they end up becoming tardy and may even sleep on the job. Do not engage security guard companies before you find out how the guards are supervised. The best security guard companies in Atlanta use a combination of spot checks, guard check-ins and tracking systems.
  • Assess the training the guards get: If you are not satisfied with your guards chances are they have not been trained properly. The best way to assess the training the guard gets is to sit through an orientation program, here you will see how the guards are being prepared to serve you and your security needs.
  • Verify qualifications: Guards have to go through a certain amount of training before they get their license, make sure the guards that are employed by the security company you deal with have met these requirements. To make sure your personality fits well with the guards, reserve the right to interview them before they are placed on your premises. If you and the guard don’t gel, this is the time to find out, not after there is a problem.
  • Perform your on inspections: If possible, stop by your premises after hours and see for yourself how the guards perform when you are out of sight. This unannounced visit is an ideal time for you to ask the guard what his duties are, in this way you know that they know what is expected of them.
  • Meet the agency regularlyThe best security guard companies in Atlanta look forward to meeting their customers on a regular basis. This gives you the opportunity to provide feedback about the performance of the guard; this helps both parties improve the service.

The best tip is left to last; if you want the best security then you have to hire the best security guard companies in Atlanta.

There are numerous security guard companies in Atlanta but you will be far better off if you take your time to identify the best. You are invited to discuss your security needs with The Guardian Protective Services, Inc. Find more details.

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