How to Get Rid of Rid of Raccoons with Animal Control in Dublin OH

While raccoons are not necessarily harmful, they can carry rabies and do cause damage to homes and properties. Getting rid of a raccoon problem is not always easy, and many homeowners end up needing to rely on the professionals for animal control in Dublin OH. With this information, homeowners will discover how a professional can help them be rid of their raccoon problem and prevent them from coming back.

Signs of Raccoons

Knowing the signs of raccoons will help homeowners to know when they need to call for animal control in Dublin OH. The following are some of the major signs homeowners should never ignore.

  • Rub marks occur when the raccoon takes the same path over and over, leaving behind greasy stains. These will occur against buildings and other structures.
  • Raccoon scat will commonly be seen when raccoons are present and they can vary in size, up to three inches long. When these are present in great numbers, there is likely a major raccoon problem.
  • Tiny hand-shaped prints in the dirt are another sign raccoons are present. If handprints are seen regularly, a homeowner needs to call in the professionals.

How Do the Professionals Get Rid of Raccoons?

To get rid of a raccoon problem, a homeowner must make their property unattractive to raccoons. If the homeowner does not take these steps, the raccoon problem will continue and remediation will not be helpful. The team of professionals will work with the homeowner to take steps such as not leaving pet food out and securing trash cans.

Traps must be put in place to safely remove raccoons, so they can be placed in a new area. It is against the law to kill raccoons in most states, so special care must be taken to ensure the wildlife is protected while removing them from the property.

If you have noticed a problem with raccoons on your property, seeking the professionals is essential. For more information on these removal services, contact us. Call the office today with any questions your concerns you may have. They will be happy to offer you information.

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