How Open MRI Benefits Claustrophobic Patients

by | Aug 31, 2012 | Health

For patients with Claustrophobia, having an MRI procedure in the days before open MRI was very stressful. Old MRI equipment was very narrow, with a tunnel-like opening. Patients with Claustrophobia found it hard to breathe in such a tight space. Imagine being enclosed in a very tight, closed-in space for over 90 minutes. Fortunately, the modern open MRI is much more comfortable for patients.

Why do patients with Claustrophobia have such a difficulty with the old MRI? It is because of their fear of tiny, enclosed spaces. They feel trapped and as though they will not be able to get out. This fear is very real. It can cause anxiety and panic attacks. Breathing can be affected by the panic attacks brought on by a claustrophic episode. It can also raise blood pressure and cause heart palpitations. There is no need for this anxiety for a modern open MRI. There is no enclosed space and the patient can rest comfortably. People of any age can suffer from Claustrophobia. It is a very common condition.

Why is the open MRI better for patients with Claustrophobia? The opening is much larger than with the old MRI. In old traditional MRIs, the opening was approximately 22 inches. Even people who normally do not experience Claustrophobia found this very uncomfortable. With the open MRI, most people do not feel any type of anxiety from the procedure. This is why most doctors now prefer the open MRI – they do not want to cause their patients any undue stress that may aggravate their medical condition.

Do not put off an important diagnostic testing procedure because of a fear of the MRI procedure. Modern MRI procedures are safe and easy to perform. They are designed with the comfort of the patient in mind. The MRI is one of the most accurate diagnostic tests available. It helps doctors diagnose conditions that might otherwise be overlooked with tradition x-rays or CAT scans.

If you still feel anxiety when you think about having an MRI, contact an open MRI clinic and talk to them about the procedure. The staff will go over all the details of the procedure and answer any questions you may have. It is even possible to be sedated during the procedure if you want. The doctors will do whatever it takes to make you comfortable during the procedure so that they can make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. An accurate diagnosis will help the physician develop a treatment plan that will have you on the road to recovery.

MRI Claustrophobia – Patients with Claustrophobia no longer have to fear having an MRI procedure. Modern open air MRI procedures are designed with the comfort of the patient in mind. Open MRI of Orlando has the most modern diagnostic imaging procedures available. For more information about the benefits of open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), visit the website at or call 407-749-8848 to schedule your appointment.

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