How Is Cosmetic Surgery Performed?

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Surgery

Would you benefit from learning how cosmetic surgery is performed before you have it done? Would knowing details of the procedure allow you to feel more comfortable? Cosmetic surgery can be performed with a variety of techniques. Before having cosmetic surgery, it is important to consult with a cosmetic surgeon in Lisle, IL and ask any questions that you may have. A surgeon can explain the details of your surgery so that you feel completely comfortable.

Skin Grafting

Healthy skin can be removed during a skin graft to be placed where the skin was damaged or lost on another part of your body. If a bone fracture breaks your skin, a skin graft can help. Skin grafts can also be used on wounds such as severe burns and skin removals due to cancer. Before a skin grafting procedure, you can be given an anesthetic. A local anesthetic or a general anesthetic can be given depending on the location and size of the area. The skin graft can be held together with staples, stitches, or medical glue depending on the severity and location of the wound. When the skin graft completely connects to your body and begins using your blood supply, you can remove your medical dressings. This healing process usually takes up to a week.

Expansion of Tissues

When you get a tissue expansion, you can grow skin around your existing tissues. The skin that you have grown can be used to help other areas that need reconstruction. A device is inserted under your skin at the area that needs to be repaired. Salt water is filled into this device, and over time your skin can grow. The general anesthetic can be given for this procedure. When the skin has grown, the expander can get removed, and the new tissues can be repositioned.

Flap surgery

This surgery transfers a piece of living tissue from a part of your body to a part that needs it. If you are having a reconstruction of your breasts, covering a fracture that has broken through the skin, or covering a wound, flap surgery may be your best option. General or local anesthesia can be used to create this flap on your skin. It is repositioned and then can be stitched over the new area.

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