How Does A Bail Bondsman Company In Ypsilanti Work?

When a person is arrested for a crime, they will go before a judge for a bail hearing. This is where the judge determines how much money it will cost the individual to be released from jail. The cost of the bail often depends on the severity of the crime that the person committed as well as their criminal record. If the individual’s bail is too high, they can seek the assistance of a Bail Bondsman Company in Ypsilanti. Before working with a bail bondsman, the individual should know how the process works.

What Does a Bail Bondsman Do?

A bail bondsman will put up the bail money when the individual cannot afford the expense. A person can contact a bail bondsman at their office. In many cases, there will be bail bondsmen at the courthouse as well. This makes it very convenient as everything can often be done all in one place.

What Does a Bail Bondsman Charge?

If a person is arrested for a state charge, they would often pay the bail bondsman 10 percent of the set bail amount. If it is a federal charge, most bail bondsmen charge 15 percent of the bail set. The individual would pay their percentage and the bail bondsman would pay the rest. After the case is settled, the individual would not get this money back as it is the fee for the bail bondsman’s services.

Will the Bail Bondsman Need Collateral?

In many cases, the individual would just need to pay their percentage of the bail. However, if they own a home, the bail bondsman has the right to put a lien on their house. If the individual skips bail and doesn’t show up for the court, the bail bondsman can legally take possession of their home to cover the money that they posted.

What If the Individual Doesn’t Show Up For Court?

If a person doesn’t show up for court, the bail bondsman can assume that they have skipped bail. In this case, they will often hire a bounty hunter to track down the individual and take them back to jail. In cases like this, the individual would be remanded in jail until their next court date and the bail money would be sent back to the bail bondsman.

For some people, a Bail Bondsman Company in Ypsilanti is their only hope of getting out of jail. For more information, contact EZ1 Bail Bonds. Follow us on Twitter.

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