How Dentures Can Help You Smile Again

If you have teeth missing, you may want to consider Dentures Farmington. Dentures are replacement teeth that can be put in and taken out of your mouth. The dentures that are made today look more natural than they have in past times. They are also a lot more comfortable to wear. There are a couple different types of dentures. The type you get will depend on how many teeth you need replaced.

Full dentures use a flesh colored acrylic base that fits over your gums. They are custom made to give you the perfect fit. The top of the dentures fit into the roof of your mouth while the bottom dentures fit around your bottom gums. A dentist will take an impression of your mouth and fit you for your new teeth. Partial dentures come on a metal frame that attaches to your natural teeth. Like full dentures, they are also removable.

Sometimes, new dentures can take some time to get used to. Eating and talking may take a little getting use to. You may also experience some soreness the first couple weeks of having your dentures Farmington. Talk to your dentist about medications you can take to help relieve the pain. Your dentures will be held in place by denture glue. This will need to be applied every few hours or after eating to make sure the dentures stay in place. Denture cream or adhesive can be purchased over the counter at any grocery or drug store.

When you are not wearing your dentures, it’s best to keep them in a glass of water with denture cleanser to keep them from drying out. Don’t use hot water because that can damage the dentures. Make sure you brush your dentures regularly to remove plaque and food that may be stuck to your dentures. Make sure you take care of your dentures the way you would take care of your own natural teeth.

Dentures Farmington can last a long time, but they will occasionally need to be refined to insure they are still fitting comfortably. Your mouth changes over time as you age, so making sure you still have a good fit with your dentures is very important. Visit your dentist annually to make sure your dentures are still fitting right. If they become loose or start to irritate your gums, talk to your dentist. Also make sure to see your dentist if your dentures chip or crack. Be careful when handling them because they may break if they are dropped.

Dentures FarmingtonIf you are in need of dentures Farmington, call a dentist today. You can make your smile whole again with dentures Farmington.

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