How Acne Treatment in Chevy Chase, MD Can Be Part of a Spa Day

Today’s smart, busy women understand the toll that stress takes on the skin. That is one reason that thousands of women routinely schedule relaxing spa days with aestheticians, like the staff of Tamjidi Skin Institute. Professionals offer a variety of rejuvenating and corrective procedures. Clients can schedule anything from Acne Treatment in Chevy Chase MD to refreshing facials that diminish lines and renew the skin.

Treatments Can Improve Skin Health and Appearance

Skin care specialists harness technology to quickly solve a range of problems. For example, they offer personalized Acne Treatment in Chevy Chase MD. Acne is caused by clogged pores, effects women of every age and can leave scars. Fortunately, experts offer combination medications and procedures that not only clear up the unsightly condition but remove the damage it causes. Aestheticians can also remove benign lesions, clear eczema and treat psoriasis. In addition, they will reduce scars and solve pigmentation problems.

Procedures Treat Damage From Aging and Stress

A skin center typically offers procedures that can eliminate skin damage caused by life stresses and normal aging. These problems usually show up as fine lines between the eyes, around the nose and mouth and beside eyes. Professionals offer fast, safe solutions like Botox, which is injected in affected areas to smooth them out. They may also suggest fillers, which can be used to improve the look of areas like lips or hands. Specialists may also use procedures like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to resurface skin.

Relaxing Spa Treatments Rejuvenate Skin

In addition to more intense corrective treatments, specialists offer spa services that erase signs of tension. Their facials allow clients to relax and feel pampered as specially chosen ingredients soften and renew skin. Clients can also get beauty treatments like eyebrow tinting and sculpting. Those who want more intense surface treatments can arrange for chemical peels that eliminate enlarged pores, dark spots, fine lines and sun damage from skin anywhere on the body.

Because modern life can take its toll on the skin, many women visit specialists who help them prevent or treat damage. The expert staff pampers clients and provide treatments that improve skin health while reducing the signs of stress and aging. Specialists also offer relaxing spa services that restore and rejuvenate skin.

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