Hitting The Road With Dry Van Trucking Companies

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Transportation

If you decide to become a trucker, you will find you have various options open to you. You may decide to stick closer to home and do only short hauls. Alternatively, long haul or over the road (OTR), may be what you enjoy doing. In either job opportunity, you will find yourself directed to various firms that provide the kind of jobs you want. You will be asked about your ability to drive certain types of vehicles to fulfill your obligations. While some companies generalize, there are firms that specialize in specific types of trucking and the associated vehicles. Among the most common type operating in North America today are dry van trucking companies.

What Is a Dry Trucking Company?

Dry trucking companies are very common in the United States. They carry a majority of all freight. The vehicles they use to do so are dry vans. A dry van is described as being:

 * Basic
 * Enclosed box shape
 * Non-climate controlled
 * Capable of carrying any product that does not require refrigeration
 * Rear doors are the access for loading and unloading
 * Usually need a forklift or similar piece of equipment to place or remove the freight

If you choose to drive a dry van, you are likely handling a semi-trailer. The typical size is between 26 and 53 feet. On any average day the number of dry vans carrying goods from origin to destination outnumber all other trucking vehicles hauling freight. These trailers may be full or carry less than a load (LTL). Many of these trucks may make several stops to load and unload goods during a single trip.

Driver Opportunities

The existence of so many dry van trucking companies results in increased driver opportunities. They provide you with the chance to adopt the life and driving style that suits your nature and talents. This is particularly true if you prefer short hauls to the OTR trucking. In fact, if you refer short haul, you will find many different types of jobs available. You can readily find employment in regional, dedicated and/or short runs. By opting for short haul dry vans, you can ensure you are closer to your home base. It allows you to make more time with your family and friends.

Long-haul dry van trucking is available. It is just more common for smaller companies to handle dry van runs on a local and regional basis. In the long run (pun intended) you may find it best to work for a company that offers both short and OTR opportunities. This allows you to adjust your driving to meet the needs of your family and personal life.

Dry Van Trucking Companies

If you want a job in the largest sector of commercial trucking, you should look at dry van trucking. By signing on, you will be moving anything that does not require refrigeration in the back of your rig. Whether it is baby diapers, cereal, dog food or tires, you will find dry van trucking companies that move it all – sometimes in a single day.

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