Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Tacoma WA To Guide You Through A Contested Divorce

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Health

A Divorce Lawyer in Tacoma WA explains the process required for a contested divorce. This process may present diverse challenges throughout your divorce depending upon your spouse’s ability to agree upon the terms of the divorce. He or she has the right to review the terms of the divorce for a period of no longer than thirty days and has the option to hire an attorney of their own.

What to Expect from a Contested Divorce

A contested divorce may stem from the basic concept that your spouse refuses to accept that your marriage is over and wishes to fight to stop it. A lack of agreement could also begin with property division or who becomes the primary caregiver for your children. By discussing these details with an attorney you acquire an ace in the hole and an opportunity to prevent significant opposition to your divorce.

Standard Contested Divorce

Contested divorces that avoid both mediation and a trial are handled through communications between your attorney and the attorney hired by your spouse. These negotiations are made via the phone or through email. Each attorney presents their respective client’s wishes and attempts to negotiate with the opposition to achieve an agreement. Once both parties agree to the terms the divorce is finalized by the judge.

Local Legal Representation

Kevin G. Byrd – Attorney & Counselor at Law comprehends the needs of clients who are facing a contested divorce. Through this understanding, these attorneys assist you with negotiations to enable your spouse to come into an agreement without significant challenges. To hire these attorneys to handle your divorce case it is beneficial to you to contact them immediately to start this process.


A Divorce Lawyer in Tacoma WA assists with the diverse challenges associated with a contested divorce. He or she will contact your spouse’s respective legal counsel to determine whether an agreement is probable. All items listed within the divorce agreement are discussed through this process until both, you and your spouse are on the same page Disagreements could stem from property division to child custody. A skilled attorney presents the opportunity to avoid a trial and finalized your divorce as quickly as possible.

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