Harmful Radiation Emits From All Electrical Devices In Both Homes And Offices

by | Jun 6, 2012 | Health

Electromagnetic field protection is vital for a healthy immune system and overall health.  Research indicates that the radiation from all electrical devices and their wires and cables can cause adverse health effects; and many experts believe electromagnetic fields also distort the human body’s ability to manage stress.  There are now a wide variety of products available to shield consumers from the harmful effects of radiation from home and office appliances.

Electromagnetic Field Protection Guards Against Every Day Small Appliances

For decades we have known that radiation is emitted from large appliances including televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens and washers and dryers.  Often not considered, are small appliances including electric toothbrushes, alarm clocks, MP3 players, vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, and table lamps.  While small appliances are often overlooked as a source of radiation from the electromagnetic fields, their threat is real.  In reality, we are surrounded by dangerous electromagnetic field radiation 24 hours a day and we cannot always just step away from the sources of radiation in our homes or offices.  Electromagnetic field protection requires shielding in the form of specially crafted products.

Health Benefits Of Dissipating Radiation With Electromagnetic Field Protection Products

Electromagnetic fields and the radiation produced can interfere with a number of functions in the human body including metabolism, immune system function, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and more.  The health benefits of electromagnetic field protection products include better sleep, better cognitive function, reduced pain, and a stronger immune system to fight colds and other illnesses.  Some research indicates that continued exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields increases the risks of some cancers.  Protection from radiation is available in a variety of products for both home and office.

Electromagnetic Field Protection Products Available for All Appliances and Applications

A good night’s sleep is vital for managing stress and overall health and wellness.  What many people do not realize is even during sleep, the human body is subjected to electromagnetic fields and radiation through the wiring of their home, small appliances in their bedroom and televisions.  Products have been specially developed for electromagnetic field protection include chair mats, bed mats, computer shields, wire shielding, cell phone shields, and much more.  There are even specially adapted bed mats sized specially for babies and toddlers to protect them during their sleep.

While we continue to add more and more electrical appliances to our homes and offices, the threat of radiation from electromagnet fields continues to grow.  The health benefits of dissipating the radiation from everyday appliances are countless.  While everyone wants to live longer healthier lives now they can with state-of-the-art electromagnetic field protection.  The use of electromagnetic field protection creates peace of mind, and greater longevity.

Protection is available from the harmful radiation produced by every day appliances that saturate our homes & offices. Electromagnetic field protection is a must in today’s continually evolving technological world. For more information, visit adrprovita.com to purchase available products that protect you and your loved ones.



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