Hair Gloss vs. Hair Glaze in Fairfield, CT: Choosing the Right Treatment

Every once in awhile, you may want to give your hair a pick-me-up. Anything from a deep conditioning treatment or hair gloss to a hair glaze can make all the difference when your hair is looking a little limp or dull. Visiting a salon for treatments is always the best way to go if you want professional results. All you need to do is choose a treatment that’s right for you and your hair.

Two of the best treatments to liven up your hair is hair glosses and hair glazes. Do you know the difference? Choosing between a hair gloss and a hair glaze depends on your specific hair needs. To learn more about hair gloss vs. hair glaze in Fairfield, CT, read the article below to learn how to choose the right treatment for your hair.


A hair glaze is a temporary treatment for your hair. It can be clear, but usually hair glazes contain pigments to compliment your hair color or refresh it. Glazes don’t contain peroxide or ammonia, so they will not lift or deposit color; they will only sit on top of the hair cuticle.

This means that a glaze will not cause any damage to your hair. The results usually last a few weeks, and the treatment is just meant to give your hair a boost.


A hair gloss is a semi-transparent, semi-permanent shine treatment that will boost your hair texture as well as its color. It can deposit or lift color, which means the results are more long-lasting, lasting over a month with each treatment.

Not only will a gloss add color, but it will also close the cuticle and lock in shine. Such treatment also creates a protective shield that will make it, so your hair looks healthy. Click here to learn more.

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