Getting Your Branding Across With Embroidered Shirts

by | May 30, 2016 | Health

As a business, team, organization or group, having your own brand is important. For a company, it is all about marketing and advertising while for other groups branding may be more about creating a unique identity.

Whatever the reason, branding is an important part of getting your message across to others. With embroidered shirts you can both market and brand. Your employees, group or team members and even your customers and clients can be a part of that branding effort.

Looking for embroidered shirts as part of a company or business uniform, a team or group branding effort or even as a giveaway item for customers and clients, there are some important tips to consider. By maximizing the true branding ability of these shirts, you will have marketing that is seen by hundreds in a wide variety of different locations.

Important Information

It will be important to determine what branding information needs to be on the shirt. The company, group or team name is typically in the largest font and prominently placed on the back or over the right or left chest for easy visibility.

Additionally, you may want to add a phone number, a website or even a city or town name. You don’t want to overload information, so choose the most effective or most common way for people to get in touch.

You may also want to include a phone number or website on the sleeve as well. Just keep in mind that this will be smaller in size and much less visible to those looking at the shirt.


Regardless of how much you may like themed or ornate types of fonts, avoid those that look like calligraphy or handwriting as they can be very difficult to read from even a short distance given the smaller size they will need to be.

Instead, choose a simple serif font that looks like standard upper and lower case block style letters. Sans serif fonts can also be a good choice, especially for the larger areas of embroidery.

If you are using a themed font, be sure to make sure to choose a larger font size and limit the information. Avoid using more than one different font type on any design as this can end up looking mismatched and cobbled together. The exception to this rule would be for embroidered shirts where there

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