Getting Dental Crowns in Baltimore City: Reasons for Needing a Dental Crown

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Dentistry

Needing a dental crown is more common than you think. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth to cover it. This kind of cap can restore and protect a tooth, returning it to its original size and shape as well as strengthening it and improving its appearance. When dental crowns are cemented, it covers the entire existing tooth to the gumline.

You may not know you need a crown unless you visit your dentist for regular checkups, which is why biannual dental appointments are important. You should visit a dentist to see whether or not you need dental crowns in Baltimore City.

Here are a few reasons for needing a dental crown.

Restore a Broken Tooth

In the case that you’ve broken your tooth, you may need to have a crown put in. If you have broken your tooth, you’ll need to go in for a dental appointment right away. Dental crowns can protect your tooth and restore it, holding it together and protecting it from infection.

To Protect a Weakened Tooth

A tooth weakened due to decay or multiple fillings may need to be treated and covered with a dental crown. Also, if your tooth has cracks and is weakened, it can be held together with a crown.


If your tooth is severely discolored, misshapen, or has any other superficial cosmetic problem, it can be covered with a crown and restored.

Secure a Dental Bridge

If you have or need a dental bridge, a crown or crowns may be able to help secure your bridge. A bridge is a more advanced procedure and requires multiple appointments.

Cover an Implant

If you need an implant after a root canal or other procedure, you may need a dental crown.

Take care to book an appointment if you have any dental issues or need Baltimore City dental crowns.

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