Get Legal Help in the Bronx When a Loved One Is Dealing With a Bedsore

Bedsores are commonly the result of nursing home neglect and abuse. They can develop on residents if proper care is not taken. Hundreds of lawsuits are filed every year against hospitals and long-term care facilities that are related to bedsores. Working with a bedsore attorney Bronx is key to getting the best outcome in this type of situation.

It is common for bedsores to occur on bony areas of the body that rest on the mattress. This would include the back of the head, the buttocks, the heels, and the hips. In addition to dealing with excruciating pain because of the bedsore, individuals may experience other complications. This could include a bone infection, sepsis, gangrene, or death.

It is possible to prevent bedsores. It is also possible to catch them early and prevent further painful complications. This includes taking simple steps like monitoring the skin, regularly repositioning the individual, making sure the skin is dry, and making sure the individual has the right mattress and bedding.

Those who feel like a loved one has been neglected should get in touch with a bedsore attorney Bronx. They will provide advice on what steps the family can take to get justice. They also need to work closely with a physician to get appropriate care for the bedsore their family member is dealing with.

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