GE Vivid T8 Offers Multiple Functions

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Medical Facilities

For most health care facilities these days, operating costs are an essential consideration. For example, you may currently have ultrasound equipment for general imaging and another piece of equipment for cardiovascular imaging. The GE Vivid T8 solves this issue by providing both functions. It has the capabilities of both the Vivid and Logiq systems. When you combine these features with heavy duty construction, you have a machine which greatly enhances operating efficiency and convenience.

Why the GE Vivd T8?

In addition to the improved imaging capabilities, the T8 also offers shared services. Let’s take a closer look at this machine and examine its features.

Cardiac Abilities

• AFI – automated function imaging – can quantify and assess function of the left ventricle wall while resting, including calculating parameters. Utilizes a bullseye display.
• Automatic Intima-media Thickness (IMT) – automatically detects edge and takes care of the necessary measurements automatically.
• TVI – tissue velocity imaging – can quantify left ventricle activity
• AutoEF – no longer the need for visual EF and is more effective
• SmartStress – settings adjusting automatically
• 2D strain – analyzes total myocardial function
• SRI (Speckle reduction imaging) – clearer images with less artifact
• Tissue tracking/synchronization – offers added enhancement to TVI
• Compound imaging
• Stress echo

GE Vivid T8 Shared Services

• Blood Flow Imaging
• LIGIQ View – enhances the view field so one can place large organs inside one image
• B-Flow – assesses blood vessel wall and blood flow more efficiently than Doppler.
• Virtual Convex – can extend the view field while linear transducers are in use

Rugged Construction

In many organizations, sharing services means your staff may have to move your ultrasound machines from one end of the facility to another. This can put a strain on sensitive equipment especially when being placed in elevators and traveling along floors for long distances. GE performed a great deal of testing on the GE Vivid T8 in dusty environments and subjected it to a high amount of vibration, and the unit passed with flying colors.

Benefits of Enhanced Features

Many healthcare services have not been completely satisfied with the quality of shared services function from standard GE Vivid machines. They worked well but more was desired. In addition, Logiq machines may not have offered high quality imaging some types of tests required. GE was aware of these problems and this is why they developed a hybrid model, the GE Vivid T8. It solves both issues and provides excellent dependability.

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