Fundraising Ideas for Teams At Any Age

Fundraising for a team in any sports or competitive event can be a challenge. Typically teams involve relatively small numbers of players or participants, so fundraising involves everyone really having to get out and about in the community.

The good news is that there are some top fundraising ideas for teams that are simple and easy to do. Through the use of the fundraising group’s catalogues and online websites to place orders, it is easy for a small number of team members to reach a large number of people through email blasts, social media, setting up display booths at events to promote the fundraiser, and even with door-to-door marketing.

The biggest challenge for fundraising ideas for teams is finding something that is unique and original. Often common fundraising items such as wrapping paper and t-shirts have only modest results, while finding something new, innovative yet also practical as a fundraiser can really boost your profits.

Target Your Audience

Most team fundraising efforts are going to be focused on neighbors, friends, family, coworkers and people in the community. Items that these people want and need are going to be essential to include.

For a really unique idea, consider choosing kitchen gadget and tools as well as food mixes. These are always popular and with very original types of devices and gadgets they will be great for personal use as well as to buy for gifts.

Kitchen items are something everyone uses, but few people take the time to go shopping for them in specialty stores. Through a top online fundraising program, your target audience can sit in the comfort of their own home and browse the selection and then place their order online.

For those not comfortable with online shopping, a catalogue and an order form can be used. The team can then collect the orders and enter them onto the website at the end of the fundraising drive. Both options will provide the team with credit for the sale and go towards their profits.

Bags and Accessories

Two other very profitable options for fundraising ideas for teams are bags and accessories. Totes, lunch bags, travel bags and even backpacks are a great fundraiser option and appeal to both men and women as well as kids.

Making the fundraiser unique and different by offering top quality, practical items that everyone needs and uses will always provide the best results. Talk it over with your team and spend time considering what your target audience is mostly to purchase, then choose the fundraising company that provides these items.

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