Four Things to Avoid Immediately Following an Appointment With a Dentist in Honolulu

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Dentist

Seeing a dentist can help a great deal, especially for those who have been experiencing pain with their teeth or gums or who have an underlying issue that needs correction. A Dentist Honolulu residents have access to will provide a multitude of services that ensure each person gets the treatment they need. If the procedure is more extensive, however, there will be some things to avoid immediately following the appointment.


Many dental visits require the use of a numbing agent or anesthesia. Driving with these in the system is not ideal, as the patient typically has their focus on the way they feel rather than on the road. It can also impair judgment, further making it hazardous to drive under these circumstances. Anyone going to the dentist should have a friend or family member with them who can drive home.


If a numbing agent is used during a dental visit, then chewing should be avoided until the feeling subsides. This can take anywhere from an hour up to 6 hours. Attempting to chew while the mouth is numb could result in biting the lip, tongue, or cheek, and causing damage.

Drinking Hot Liquids

Since the mouth will be numbed, the sensors that determine if something is hot or cold will not be felt. Drinking something hot should be avoided so the tongue does not become burned.

Eating Cold Foods

After teeth are worked on, they can feel extremely sensitive. Eating something cold may have once had no effect on the teeth but, with higher sensitivity, it may now cause pain and discomfort. Avoiding cold foods for at least a few days following a dental procedure is usually best.

A Dentist Honolulu residents have access to, such as Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS, will work with each patient to perform the procedure needed. No matter what is done, from a root canal to a simple filling, there are some things that should be avoided for a short time afterward. Driving and chewing are not ideal for the first few hours until numbness subsides, and eating cold foods and drinking hot liquids should not occur until the sensitivity is reduced. Visit website for more details about the experienced dentist in Honolulu.

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