Four Telltale Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Brake Repair Work

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Automotive

If you want to stay safe on the road, it’s important to make sure that the brakes on your vehicle are in excellent condition. Old, damaged or otherwise faulty brakes can make stopping your vehicle more difficult and increase your chances of getting into an accident. These four signs may indicate that you need brake repair in Davenport, IA.

Unusual Noises

When applying your brakes, you might be noticing some grinding, groaning or screeching sounds. These sounds often indicate that your brakes are worn and on the verge of failing.


Any vibration that you feel when you push on the brake peddle could mean that your brakes aren’t functioning the way that they should. Your brakes’ rotors could be working unevenly if you notice vibrations coming from the steering wheel while braking.

Fluid Leaks

Your brake fluid may be leaking and leaving puddles underneath your vehicle. Brake fluid is clear and has a consistency that’s similar to cooking oil. If your brake pedal seems to sink when pressing on it, this could be another sign of a brake fluid leak.

A Constant Feeling of Braking

If you feel like the brakes are on while driving even when you’re not pushing the brake pedal, grime may have accumulated around your brake caliber. When this happens, one or more of the brake pads might not release, which will cause your vehicle to drag and make it more difficult for you to get up to speed.

Learning how to recognize these signs of failing brakes will allow you to take quick action so that you can remain safe on the road. For topnotch brake repair in Davenport, IA, you can schedule an appointment at your convenience with Bi-State Auto Service Center by visiting

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